Stop quitting apps on your iPhone, it literally makes no difference at all

If you’re one of these people who quits apps all the time on your iPhone, you’re just wasting your time.

I don’t know at what point this became a thing in popular culture. For some reason people seem to genuinely think it makes a difference, it doesn’t at all, and in fact, wasting screen time (therefore, battery) by quitting all these apps probably kills more battery than you’re ‘saving’.

Even my parents, both of 60+ years, have cottoned on to this. They are forever quitting apps, my mum actually goes out of her way to quit all her open apps once every day or so. The thing is, it actually makes no difference at all, and now it’s official.

Yes, an Apple executive has actually made the rather unprecedented step of getting involved in such heated debate. Yes, smiley jokey Craig Federighi has got involved and basically said it’s a waste of time.

No, he never quits his apps. Federighi is in charge of software engineering at Apple. He knows what he is talking about. This is a guy who is most likely a power user and would want to eek out every bit of battery life from his device.

If you want to save battery life, switch on Low Power Mode in iOS 9 and above. Stop wasting valuable battery by having the screen on and interacting with your finger by swiping up labouriously on a load of apps which need quitting every day. You’re wasting your time and your battery doing so.



Exactly. Thank you.


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