Mismatched Cutlery

Yes. I am going to blog about this.

Oh the woes of being a student. Not only is winter heating minimal, costs high and we’re all living in small spaces, but all of my cutlery does not match.

I don’t know at what point this happened. In first year all of my cutlery was my parent’s worst cutlery, the cutlery which was used for garden parties (so it didn’t matter if it was dropped, bent, trodden in fox shit), it was the cheapest sticks of metal you could possibly imagine.

Now, however, on a well-meaning note I’m sure, I seem to have some premium cutlery in the mix. This has probably happened because in the meantime my brother graduated and got a proper job, but this now means that I have SCD (Severe Cutlery Dissonance).

Only the other night, I had to eat using a middle-class fork and a garden party knife, meaning that the consistency of the weights of the two implements were severely altered.

This has brought my entire studies to a halt as I basically cry whilst eating, meaning that little of the food is digested before I vomit in shock.

I really must invest in a complete set of lovely new cutlery.

Musing over.


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