Supergirl is a complete contradiction

I can imagine that the network executives at CBS really thought they were being super progressive when they commissioned this for the fall season. Yet it’s actually one of the most sexist things on TV.

Supergirl is based around the idea that Superman has a biological cousin, who happens to be a girl and also shares similar traits of superhero ability.

Now, maybe I’m not the best person to write a review on Sci-Fi, as I hate the genre, but there are some really big issues with this programme that even fans wouldn’t be able to deny.

Firstly, Supergirl talks about boys. This is a problem. Supergirl is supposed to be super, and a girl, she’s a superhero, she doesn’t want to talk about ‘Cody’ or ‘Mark’ from the other night, but apparently this Supergirl does. She talks about relationship problems with her co-workers.

I also have issue with the job Supergirl has. I am informed by a reliable friend that Superman acts as a reporter for a newspaper during the day (presumably because he loves doing a big LOL at his friends for still not realising it’s him). Supergirl may well be able to save people from fires, prevent buildings from falling over and diffuses bombs, but she can’t break through that glass ceiling. She works as a PA for a TV network boss. Really.

With the casting of Benoist as the main role, I constantly expected her to break out into song as Marly from Glee. This was an irritant.

The programme also falls into the classic trap that women can only be seen looking perfect. In the episode I saw, Supergirl took a bomb out over open water to let it explode in the ocean, but in the explosion she was knocked out. She woke up a little while later on a table with perfect hair and makeup. This simply wouldn’t happen. She clearly fell into the ocean when she was knocked out.

Then again I also realise the irony that I’m saying ‘this simply wouldn’t happen’ when I’m talking about a part of the episode where a superhero flies carrying a bomb out to the ocean.

It’s on Sky 1 some evenings during the week (so you know that even if you miss the whole season it’ll be repeated constantly). I wouldn’t recommend you watch it.

Less than one star.


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