There is a terrible advert for Budweiser in the States

It’s all to do with a puppy and it’s a disgrace.

So, watch the video above and I can promise you that you definitely thought it was initially an advert for responsible adoption of animals.

It spends the first 36 seconds showing nice slow motion video of a dog growing old and having a lovely human owner in nice surroundings and perfect weather. Upbeat guitar music makes everything sound better.

At 36 seconds it brings up the caption ‘For some, the waiting never ended.’, as the dog has now been left alone overnight (and has presumably crapped an awful lot inside the house at this point) I assumed it was an advert against animal cruelty.

‘But we can change that.’ at 42 seconds makes it even more like that, and the dog is whimpering. THIS IS SO OBVIOUSLY AN ADVERT ABOUT CRUELTY TO ANIMALS.

At 45 seconds, the dog gets really happy as his owner comes through the door and goes ‘HEEY I’m sorry’ (to get an idea of how annoying this bit is, click here, repeatedly).

The owner then tells his dog that ‘I decided that I shouldn’t drive home last night I stayed at DAAAAVE’S’.

Anyway, it’s actually an advert to say that it’s better to starve and not provide water for your dog overnight on account of the fact that you drank too much and couldn’t drive, rather than telling you that you shouldn’t be drinking that much in the first place.

Anyway, it has nearly 24 million views and people find it very emotional for some reason.


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