Only Two Months.

I can’t believe I only have two months left.

When I say two months, I actually mean two months here in the US, I’ve only in reality got one month of real studies left. Isn’t that crazy?

I always thought that when your parents say to you when you’re little “oh time goes faster as you get older”, that that was just a common myth, something which could never really happen, why would that happen? That seems a little weird.

But in all seriousness, yes, my time is almost up.

I’ve had plenty of warning, since January my host families have already been talking about next years students, and at that point you realise that your time left on this part of the earth really is limited.

I’ll be so sad to go, I really can’t believe all the things that have happened to me here and all the doors which have been opened as a result of my stay.

I also can’t believe that at one point I was actually hesitant about the move here and did not want to do it.

Now, I find myself torn between two parts of the world, the new life I have set up for myself, completely independent, new friends, with so many freedoms from being away from conventional family members. Or good old England, the familiar faces waiting for me there, my real family members, and the university studies that await to be finished off.

I’m torn.


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