Project X Review

So I haven’t written a review in a while, and for good reason, I haven’t seen any films recently. The most recent film I watched was when I was made to watch Life of Pi in one of my final days in America (alright, but too long), and Cirque Du Soleil Worlds Away, which was actually pretty decent.

My friend James has been visiting me recently, and we thought as he was here we’d find something to watch on Sky Movies, he found Project X on demand and said I should watch it, I duly sat down and subjected myself to the film that followed.

I wasn’t impressed.

In a nutshell, three high school ‘losers’ who everyone hates in their school in California try and host a party so that they can sleep with women and become cool. That’s it, there’s no subtle twist, clever script or anything like that at all. Most of the film they basically say that they’re “getting girls” and that the night will be “really cool”.

I know it’s ridiculous to apply real logic to a fictional film, but would these people in real life really know how to spread the message of a party? When they’re trying to get the invites out at school everyone tells them to “back off loser”, and messages to that effect, yet for some unknown reason, people start showing up at ten o’clock or so.

You start feeling sorry for the characters earlier on in the film, but really, you start siding with the school bullies, they are so intensely dislikable that it comes naturally to anyone. No wonder they are bottom of the pecking order. His friend (live-in friend, roommate, can never work out who he actually is the entire way through), keeps telling him the length of the party that “everything will be alright, just chill”, if I had a friend like that, well, I wouldn’t have a friend like that. That made it more infuriating to me, the stereotype of teenagers saying “man, it’ll be fine, we can tidy it up before your parents get back” has always annoyed me intensely.

The film then goes on to a tedious chronological sequence of events, things go from the garden into the house, they tazer a neighbour (yes, and like you could hide an entire party in the back garden), a dwarf gets locked in an oven, they get more drunk, take ecstasy (yes, they really do), and then hurl themselves from rooftops. The party security is overseen by two twelve year olds, need I say anything else? All before the film takes such an over the top twist that it basically becomes like the opening scenes to Cloverfield. It almost seems like the directors and script writers went “there isn’t enough stuff happening here, let’s put in a flamethrower and that’ll wow the audience into being impressed”, at the time, it’s amazing, when you look back, gimmicky.

It is also hard to not apply reality to a film which is filmed in annoying first person camera type views. They have this weird friend who films the entire party on his camera (must have had the largest SD card or best Long Play function of any video camera I have ever seen), and he’s just a little strange.

I found myself enjoying it at the time, and then when I thought about it in reality, just thought, oh god, how was I so impressed by this?

They’ve also confirmed a sequel, a confirmation which came about two days after the premiere. God help us all.


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