Review – Katy Perry “Roar”

It’s been a while since Katy Perry released anything, isn’t it?

Well then, it’s a good job that she’s done something recently.

Not content with her most recent incarnation for her second album as a kind of sex-crazed woman with swirly things on her breasts, she’s now decided that she’s going to be really serious and do a serious song (try not to snigger).

The thing is, Katy Perry “serious” songs always used to annoy me before. Wide Awake, Circle The Drain, all those, I still couldn’t take seriously because they were sung by the same woman who enjoyed spraying squirty cream from her bra.

Although we haven’t actually seen the music video to this song yet, it’s probably quite likely that she won’t be doing any breast spraying in this video, and it seems to me that it’s actually not too bad.

It’s actually really not that bad, for a serious Katy Perry song, even when she gets to the point of being really quite loud and a little “strong”, it’s still ridiculously addictive, and that’s the bit that gets stuck in your head.

Yeah, like every other song these days, there’s a bit which goes “whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-whoa”, but it’s actually really good, promise.

I just wish she wouldn’t hashtag the song title when posting future teasers to songs.

This is annoying and it was started (mostly) by I(dot)Am(dot)Will and Just-in Berber and it really needs to stop now. Robin Thicke took it to another level and this needs to end.

Stop hashtagging your music, seriously, unless you want a bunch of people who aren’t music critics to be able to easily group their thoughts together in a public space.

Yeah, doesn’t sound so sensible now, does it?


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