Rizzle Kicks Review

Yes, before you start reading this post, it is a completely normal thing to review a band even after they’re well established.

This is fine.

I have to admit I’m not really a fan of musicians, per se. Usually I tend to like a lot of specific songs an artist will put out, but certainly not all of them, and I very rarely like the artists themselves, as people. Most of them are arses.

But, there’s something just so fantastic about Rizzle Kicks that I really can’t begin to explain. Where other artists will post poser-ish photos staged in a studio with a ridiculous amount of photoshop to promote a new album, Rizzle Kicks offer something refreshing, a few instagram shots of them with their friends, or doing silly things.

Where other artists will read or tweet a few people, Rizzle Kicks always seem to actually make an effort to engage with their fans in a way that no press office or management can. It actually seems to be them in charge of their twitter account (trying to work out which one is which when tweeting though? That’s a no-go area).

On top of that, their music is great, seriously. I’ve never heard music which really demands you to turn it up so loud. There’s something incredibly catchy about all their music which has it stuck in your head for days but I mean that in the best possible way.

Overall, they’re just wonderful, if you fancy something a little different, go and pre-order their new album now, you won’t, and almost definitely shouldn’t, regret it.

(I actually got the signed edition, that’s how excited I am)


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